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PMP – IT Project Management and Leadership

Managing the completion of projects to the satisfaction of stakeholders using PMI standard practices; managing scope, time, cost, quality, risk, staffing, communications, procurement/contract management and integration of the new processes with existing processes.

Gregoire Consulting is expert in leading multimillion-dollar projects, and small projects too.  Our PM practices ensure your project will succeed on-time and on-budget, with the project value delivered.  We work hard to understand the details and vision of the project before project launch.  We validate quality on every component throughout the project to confirm that you get what you expect.  We continually analyze delivery processes, issues, and risk to drive strategies for managing the change from where you are now to where you want to be, without disruption in your business.

IT Product Management

Collaboratively working with business users and software development teams to

  • identify system features that bring value to your project objectives
  • develop a product roadmap that communicates the vision of the product delivery timeline
  • detail Agile stories to inform software development on what each user role needs
  • prioritize needs, wants, features and issues to rapidly build product value
  • develop methods to validate product features for software release
  • regularly update product backlog to reflect new details and priorities
  • work with the delivery team to collaborate on product features and value

CSM - Certified Scrum Master and Agile Coach

Servant leadership in Agile Scrum practices effectively guiding and facilitating ceremonies and activities

  • Sprint Planning 
  • Daily Stand-Up 
  • Sprint Execution
  • Sprint Demo
  • Sprint Retrospective 
  • Scrum of Scrums
  • Coaching, training and mentoring team members on Agile processes and principals, such as early interaction with the Product Owner, and doing experiments for proof of concept.  
  • Coaching Product Owners in creating the product roadmap, detailing stories, and validating deliverables.  

Data Analytics / Data Conversions

Experts in Microsoft Business Intelligence tools using SQL, Gregoire Consulting once again simplifies the complex by aggregating large data sets into visualizations that reveal the pertinent data points on which business decisions can be made.  With creation of ETL tools, the continually refreshed data can support business decisions on the most up-to-date information available.  Our experience in data warehousing allows your business to pull data streams from multiple division applications together to extract meaningful data across the enterprise.  

Gregoire Consulting is expert in SQL and many database tools to efficiently convert your data from one system to another.

Network of Professionals in IT

Through many years of SUCCESSFULLY completing IT projects, Gregoire Consulting has gained a network of friends and professionals in the IT community that, like us, do good work.  What we are unable to do ourselves, we collaborate with known champions to complete the full set of services needed for a project and product that your stakeholders will value for years.

Technical Writing

We work to describe technical issues in standard business terms so that anyone can understand.  By starting a project with good documentation on what you want in a solution, we can set up a good project launch.  

Gregoire Consulting has published technical documents for government procurement of multimillion dollar systems.  We have written multiple RFI's (Request for Information) and RFP's (Request for Proposal), some of which are used as examples in the associated industry.   We pride ourselves on clarity and readability.  


Gregoire Consulting has depth of experience in the following industries

  • Grant Management Systems
  • Business Intelligence / Data Analytics
  • Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management using HL7
  • General Business Consulting
  • Government Records for filing Corporations
  • Elections software.

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